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Personal / Planetary Changes / Ascension (See also Ascension Journey page)
  Recommended reading - Universal LawsRecoding Our DNA
Melchizedek Learning - ' The Melchizedek University is a powerful arrangement of colleges, which are placed in various dimensions of our Universe to distribute the Records of Melchizedek as knowledge, understanding, wisdom and intelligence of God.'
The Healing Business - An NZ website that "aims to opportunities for business people to experience innovative ways of looking at their organization."
Working With Oneness - dedicated to connecting with individuals and spiritual groups of all types who are working towards the emerging consciousness of oneness that is central to our human and planetary survival and evolution.
Article - The New Sexual Revolution - by Elizabeth von Madarasz
"In exploring the new sexual revolution now unfolding, it is helpful to understand the spiritual evolution of humankind, the planet, and to go beyond this to the Divine Source, weaving a broad tapestry to provide a clear context for what is now occurring...."
Read more
Divine Cosmos - the new Internet home for the work of David Wilcock. Within this site are thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual  information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness on Earth.
Young New Zealanders - Our goal is for healthy young New Zealanders to achieve their highest potential in educational, employment, recreational and cultural pursuits.
Beacons of Light Re-minders - The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home is a monthly message from the Group that is presented live on the internet, transcribed and sent out via e-mail and posted below on this page on or before the 15th of every month.
School of Self Development - A New Zealand site presenting “a range of exciting and powerful techniques to help you find the happiness you rightly deserve.”
Heart Power - The real solution to all our problems lies in our own consciousness. Sandra and Daniel Biskind transmit an energy that permanently raises your consciousness.
Quest13 - Quantum Energy for Self Transformation. provide a simple, concise process which empowers people to move beyond old patterns, healing the past...
What is the Real World ? - "Essentially, it's an interpretation or preferred view of what we imagine reality to be. True, everything is a product of perception, no matter what we do, perception will always shape our understanding of the world....."
Ruth de Souza - A website with resources and links relating to Asian, Pacific, and migrant health and wellbeing, which also promotes her work as a consultant, trainer and advocate.
Beacons of Light - The Rewire of Humanity -"Dear ones, you are here on a very magical planet. You are here at a special time and you stood in line to be here at exactly this moment in order to make a difference."
DNA and Body Changes -  About Our New Chakras - "There is a law in the Universe that Like Attracts Like.
Read more..
Heartstory - A New Zealand site with a wealth of resources for community support as humanity shifts from a 'mind dominant' to a 'heart centred' awareness of life.
Wisdom Seekers New Zealand - Providing you with information, support, encouragement, guidance, and practical tools to assist you, in your spiritual growth and wellbeing....
Making the New You -"To birth this 'New You' involves a process that presently is integrating your Spirit (Full Self) with your physical self. A unique change in your physical body's RNA/DNA and in its current energy centers (or chakras) is occurring."
"
The Inner Potential Centre - Auckland's learning centre for healing, yoga, metaphysics and the psychic and spiritual sciences.
Touch Your Heart - A New Zealand website that offers you options on how to create positive changes in your life.
William - My work is dedicated to the holistic development of people and communities. On this site you will find a full description of my work and my background.
Children of the New Dream - Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Dianne Cooper
The Purple Pen - Poetry and prose from the heart by a New Zealand writer.
Go to The Purple Pen
Whats Up on Planet Earth? - "The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of planetary and human awareness to souls....
Personal & Planetary Changes Tools for the New Millenium - We present information and tools to help you through the major changes taking place on Planet Earth now.
Earthcode International - This website was created as a forum of illumination for the seeker in all of us and as a way of reaching out to those around the world who sense that a major shift in human consciousness is on the rise.....
Star Child - A South African website with lots of information and links about star children.

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