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The Moveon New Zealand Philosophy

It takes effort to change the world. The changes start with each individual and from there, the ripples spread. It is time now to move into new ways of living on this planet that is our home,
our Mother Earth.

The projects Moveon New Zealand supports are all ways of instigating and promoting such changes.

• Imagine a new way of living that is worth working for!

• Imagine if the same number of men trained for warfare and military defence, were paid and trained to nurture all life in peaceful ways - what would that look like?

• Imagine the huge economic growth in environmental restoration, spiritual healing, community building projects, communication skills and so forth!

• Imagine a world of passionate peacemakers who are dedicated to creating a non-violent culture and who are funded to be able to do so. This new way of living would become, not only accepted, but embraced by the public!

Get in behind Moveon New Zealand to help New Zealand’s future. Enough of teaching people dogmas, enough of controlling through fear-based practices. People must be enabled to be all we can be. This is what Moveon New Zealand is all about. Only by changing ourselves within, can changes occur outwardly.

New Zealand will reveal many secrets. She will restore people’s abilities and knowledge inherent in our pristine origins. New Zealand will be an extremely prosperous land, and she will do this to prove that spirituality and knowledge origins are more significant than ever before. New Zealand will herald a new dawn for the whole earth.

New Zealand’s hidden history of the early indigenous peoples like the Waitaha, Celts and many others shall be revealed again. We can consciously help the process by visiting sacred sites to strengthen our energy bodies, or do exercises, such as yoga or qi gong, which engage our energy bodies.

It’s believable. Our multicultural society now moves on and the time is nearing for the transparency between the physical world / plane and the spiritual world / plane. Prophecies by “ tuturu Maori” or original Maori language “ Ka hinga te anai “ imply that there will be a dissolving of the veil, or merging of the physical and spiritual planes (see Beyond 2012 on Moveon website for more details) .

NOW is the time for change.

Choose love, peace and freedom.


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Michael Goodhue

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Phil Armstrong

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Grant Hunter Panoramic

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